Student movements urged to desist from aligning to political parties

University of Zimbabwe  Student Representative Council President Tonderai Dombo has urged students to desist from being used to settle political scores saying this creates unnecessary hostility amongst the youths.

He said the youths should not to create unnecessary acrimony which causes division.

“If we want to move ahead what we should do is to desist from political part interference,” he said adding that youths should unit to fight the principles on which government is built upon, principles which he said promote repression.

“The rights of the students are constantly being undermined by the state and the state has employed vice chancellors, who are an extension of the ruling party, to repress student thinking,” said Dombo.

He condemned young people for failing to come together as a united front.

“We have failed to address real issues that matter instead of coming together we fight over leadership.

“It is sad that as youth, we have seized to speak the same language and we have seized to share the same history,” said Dombo.

He added that Zanu PF has personalised the country’s history and use the history to divide young people and the rest of Zimbabweans.

“History is now being owned by a certain cabal, which is personalising the struggle .

He said, “It is high time that students take the lead and reclaim the country’s history.

“It is not Zanu PF history and it is not the state’s history but it is a collective history as long as the history is personalised then we are bound to fight,” he said.

Speaking at the same event Tinotenda Mhungu, National spokesperson of Youth Advocacy for Reform and Democracy  said student movements should be autonomous.

“Across all institutions students should be independent and desist from protecting the spoons which feed them,’’ he said.