Identify your Ideology: Young People told

Former Swaziland National Union of Students (SNUS) President Maxwell Dhlamini has  urged young people to identify their ideology and fight oppression.

By Philemon Jambaya

Addressing scores of young people and Civil Society leaders in Harare at a Civil Society Solidarity meeting, Dhlamini said it is vital for youths to identify their challenges and struggles.

“Young people should identify their challenges and struggles, Zimbabwe and Swaziland face similar challenges and we should be able to come together and fight the challenges as a family” Dhlamini said.

Dhlamini went on to encourage young people to take a leaf from Julius Malema’s  (EFF Commander) political life, whom he perceive  to be king maker in the Metropolitan elections slated for  August this year.

“Look at Malema, either you like him or not come  Metro electionshe will be the king maker, probably they will form a government of national Unity because Malema’s impact”
Dhlamini has been known in Africa for being incarcerated by the Monarch of King Mswati, he spend more than 28 months behind bars in Swaziland for challenging the Monarch.
Dhlamini  also went to call the government of Zimbabwe to bring back Itai Dzamara.

“We understand that there is a missing human rights activist Itai Dzamara who is missing , we expect young people to be on fore front demanding his safe return, you cannot just fold your hands while one
of you is missing.” Challenged  Dhlamini.

Dhlamini is in the Country on an exchange visit being hosted by Youth Forum a vibrant youth movement in Zimbabwe.

Speaking at the same event Archlove Tanyanyiwa who is the Organizing for Zimbabwe Programmes Officer embraced the call to identify the Ideology and struggles for young people in Sourthern Africa.

“Young people boast of their demographic superiority therefore they have more influence, if young people get organised and identify what they want, definitely they will influence everything either politically or socially” Tanyanyiwa said.