People living with disabilities side-lined on NPRC hearings

People living with disabilities have been side-lined from the public hearings on the National Peace and Reconciliation commission set to commence on the 10th of April , Chairperson of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Portfolio Committee has said.

Addressing a press briefing on the public hearing schedule, Chairman of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Portfolio Committee, Jessie Majome said no provisions have been made for those living with disabilities to participate during the hearings which are scheduled to start on the 10th of this month.

“Those who use sign language are encouraged to write their submissions and deliver them to parliament or send them via email.”

Committee member Senator Nyambuya cited shortage of resources as the main reason for the sideling of people living with disabilities.

“Unfortunately we have shortcomings in providing for the physically challenged and visually impaired, our biggest challenge is the shortage of resources,” he said.

The public hearings which will be held in every province are open to members of the public regardless of political affiliation.

Members of the public are encouraged to engage their MP’s on the National Peace and Reconciliation commission (NPRC) bill concerning recommendations and the effectiveness of the bill.

The NPRC bill of 2015 seeks to give effect to sections of  the Constitution which provide for the establishment and composition of the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission ; To confer additional jurisdiction on the commission, including the investigative powers ; to develop and implement programmes to promote national healing, unity and cohesion in Zimbabwe and the peaceful resolution of disputes ; (c) to bring about national reconciliation by encouraging people to tell the truth about the past and facilitating the making of amends  and the provision of justice amongst other provisions .

Public hearings on this bill will be held by the Portfolio Committee on Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Thematic Committee on Human Rights and the Thematic Committee on Peace and Security. The Committees will be divided into two groups covering various areas starting from the 10th to the 17th of April 2016.

Group A schedule is as follows

 11 April 2016  Kwekwe  Kwekwe Theatre  1100hrs  12 April 2016  Gweru  Gweru Theatre  1000hrs  14 April 2016  Victoria Falls  Chinotimba Hall  0900hrs  14 April 2016  Hwange  ZPC Social Club  1500hrs  15 April 2016  Plumtree  TMB Hall i.e. Plumtree Town Council Hall  1400hrs  16 April 2016  Lupane  Lupane Local Board Community Hall  1030hrs  16 April 2016  Bulawayo  Bulawayo Holiday Inn  1500hrs  20 April 2016  Harare  Senate Chamber  1000hrs 


Group B

11 April 2016  Gutu  Gutu Council Boardroom  1200hrs  12 April 2016  Masvingo  Masvingo Civic Centre Hall  1000hrs  13 April 2016  Mutare  Mutare Civic Centre Hall  1000hrs  14 April 2016  Marondera  Marondera- Mbuya Nehanda Hall Dombotombo  1400hrs  15 April 2016  Bindura  Tendai Hall  1300hrs  16 April 2016  Chinhoyi  Cooksey Memorial Hall  1400hrs  20 April 2016  Harare  Senate Chamber  1000hrs