US$200m set aside for the construction of Anglican University

Anglican Church of Zimbabwe has set $200 million dollars aside for the construction of its University, Anglican University of Zimbabwe (AUZ) in Marondera.

Professor Joseph Matowanyika, who is coordinating the project confirmed this development  and said the church is working tirelessly to accomplish this project.

“It is true that Anglican Church is set to establish a university and a budget of about $200 million has already been set aside for the university’s construction,” he said without divulging the exact date for the commencement of the construction.

He applauded government for offering the land saying the gesture will help  the church to spread the gospel through educating people.

.“I really want to thank the state for giving us the land to construct a tertiary institution, is our mission to spread the gospel through education, and this is a step towards implementing the mission.

He said by constructing a university the Church was complimenting government’s efforts of ensuring that people are educated.

“ Through the  construction of  a university, the church is complimenting government’s efforts as enshrined in  the ZIMASSET blueprint ,” said Matowanyika

Anglican Youth President, Catherine Ngangira said this move by the church will enable young people to advance their education.

“The establishment of the university by the Anglican Church compels young people to purse their studies ,” she said

Another church member who identified herself as Mai Kaseke could not hide her enthusiasm  towards the project.

“This is a life time opportunity for every Zimbabwean, for education is the key to life,” she said.

The  University ground breaking ceremony was held last year at Rufaro Farm, 5km to the North West of Marondera .