Wicknell pledges R100k to Baba Tencen

Outspoken businessman-cum socialite, Wicknell Chivayo, promised to give Baba Tencen, a South African-based-Zimbabwean online comedian, R100 000 .

Writing on his Facebook page, ‘Sir Wicknell’ said that Baba Tencen is his favorite comedian and he is desperately looking for him.

“I really like this Baba Tencen guy but I don’t know where to find him and as my number one celebrity I’m willing to pay him R100 000 in hard cash the day I  will meet him or transfer it into his South African account now,” reads the post.

Chivayo, who always boasts about his shopping sprees regarded Baba Tencen as the only Zimbabwean comedian who is ‘sensible’.

“…He’s (Baba Tencen) the only sensible comedian we have in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Chivayo went on to ask for Baba Tencen’s contact details as he urgently wants to communicate with him.

“…If anyone knows him or where he lives in South Africa please tell him SIR is desperately looking for your mobile number because he wants a picture with you and wants to have lunch with you. ” he said.

Responding to the post, Baba Tencen could not hide his appreciation towards the pledge.

“I cannot believe the good news,I cannot believe it, thank you sir” said Baba Tencen on his Facebook page.

Baba Tencen, is  mostly known  by online communities that engage with his Kuripwa Kugara video clips and in one of his videos he praises Wicknell for his donation to Zimbabwean football.