Integrated Tuberculosis and Diabetes project on the cards

Zimbabwe will soon introduce an integrated Tuberculosis and Diabetes Care pilot project  which  will enable  Tuberculosis patients  to be  screened  for  diabetes.

By Hamu Madzedze

Research has  shown that those  who  are  diagonised  with  TB are more  likely to be Diabetic.

The International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung  Disease country  director  Doctor  Christopher  Zishiri  said   they will  be working  with the  Ministry of Health and  Child  Care  in  carrying out the  project.

“The  project  will  be implemented  through  Harare  city  health department  and  selected polyclinics  will  carry  out the  screening program”.said  Doctor Zishiri.

He  said  they have already  sourced  money  for the  project  which will  run  until  next year.

The  director  added  that  results  from the  pilot  project  will determine  the  way  forward.

Meanwhile  the  deputy  director  in the  AIDS  and  TB  unit in the Ministry  of Health and  Child Care ,  Doctor  Charles  Sandy said this project is important considering that ten percent  of TB  cases globally are linked  to  Diabetes.

Doctor  Sandy  also  said they have also  recommended  that  every diabetes  patient  be  screened   for  Tubeculosis.

Zimbabwe  is one of the  eight  countries  in Africa  with a  high  TB burden.