Sally’s Women Institute empowers women…


…issued certificates to 302 the women who had completed a course in Women’s Leadership   training.

Celebrating volunteerism in all its surfaces, Sally Women Institute Celebrated the International Volunteers Day in Style through a get to gather appreciation cocktail and also giving Certificates to 302 the women who had completed a course in Women’s Leadership   training.

By Owami Sithole 

In an interview the Founder of Sally Women Institute,  Sally Dura said the training  content covered Leadership, Motivation to lead, Appropriate use of Assertiveness, Gaining Trust and Building Influence, Team Building, Conflict Management, Delegating to others, Goal Setting and Action Planning,” she said .

Currently in the world devising a gendered management where young women are charismatic in active roles in the affairs of their communities they live in and professions.

“As an organization we are determined to transform the aspect of leadership in Zimbabwe by endowing women to claim their space in numerous establishments irrespective of education eminence,” said Dura.

She added that the trust of their training courses is to create a balanced life style and lead women to be   confidence   to take up higher leadership positions.

“Women are now claiming their spaces in different spheres, be it in economic, social and political spheres by inspiring other women to position themselves for power, particularly Zimbabwean women have not been left out in this new thinking this is evidence by the New Constitution provision which gives women opportunities equality and inclusion of women in decision making and this is a process of empowering women to lead” said Dura.

She went on to add that they have a passion to create a network of women leaders who become support system that feed into other women‘s journey share experience and overcome challenges.

“We dedicate the   international volunteering day   to women who after being trained they took time to come and give back to the institute by volunteering time, their skills and training the other emerging young leaders,” she said.

The institute have trained in the eight province excluding Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South which they are to start with beginning of next year.

“Members drive the growth of the institute , it got its inspiration from Sally Mugabe who was the founding  mother of the Nation As we read what is documented on her she was a leader in all areas of her life , she provided leadership  in all its facets political and social domain  carrying for orphans and vulnerable, commercial sex workers ,

“What prompted me to create this platform for women leadership is I have grown as a leader from Student Union to Civil Society  I also  did some political work and now am saving as National coordinator  for the women ‘s national coalition of Zimbabwe and I was once been the first elected chairperson of  youth forum which is a network of young people  focuses on participation  in governance process at all  levels , I have growth confidence as a leader  and  have learn from other  leaders  and experience of other women , women have supported me with skills advice and being there even the helpers at my home who take care of my family while am away with work ,”she said .

Her contribution to the world is am I Girl Guide who promise that I do my best to do my duty to God to save my Country so the commitment of saving my country drove me to grow as a leader.