US$4 million for Mphoko mansion: Zimbabweans criticise government

Robert Mugabe’s government has secured a new mansion for Vice President, Phelekezela Mphoko  to the tune of an estimated  US$4m.

This amount is equivalent to 0.1% of Zimbabwe’s 2016 National Budget.

While Some African countries are moving to cut government expenditure Zimbabwean government is doing otherwise.

Tanzania’s new President John Magufuli has displayed unusual zeal for austerity and impatience with corruption and waste since taking office a month ago.

Tanzania’s new president John Magufuli’s war on waste is proving enormously popular on a continent weary more used to greed and corruption from leaders. Photo: AFP PHOTO/Daniel Hayduk

Since taking office in early November, Magufuli has cancelled foreign travel for officials, banned the purchase of first-class air tickets — although the president, his deputy and prime minister are exempt — ordered that government meetings and workshops be held in government buildings rather than expensive hotels, and cut a bloated delegation of 50 people set to tour Commonwealth countries to just four, reports eNCA

This has not served as a case study for the penniless Zimbabwean government, which continues to drain the already strained fiscus by exuberantly spending unnecessarily on luxurious things.

According to Local media government has finally secured a $4 million house for him in Harare’s plush Grange suburb.

“Local Government ministry permanent secretary George Mlilo yesterday said the government had finally secured a house for Mphoko, although he declined to reveal its location and value,” reports Newsday

VP Mphoko had been living in the hotel for almost 300 days,

The country’s citizens disagree and are tweeting other ways to spend the cash.


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