Rural youths urge government to inject funds in their projects

Youths in Murehwa have called on the government particularly the Ministry of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment to inject more funds in their agricultural projects in a bid to make the projects more sustainable.

This emerged at a stakeholder meeting co-hosted by Humanitarian Information Facilitation Centre (HIFC)  and the Alternative Business Alliance (ABA) in ward 5, Zaranyika, Murehwa yesterday.

“We have a lot of talented youths but without capital injection, their projects are doomed.

“Most of the projects that originate from places like ours are rigorous  and if government could only spare some amount for rural youths then we can see ourselves developing,”said George Rongoti, a youth officer in Murehwa.

He also said that the recently launched youth found should also be extended to rural areas.

“Recently the Minister of Youth launched a $10 million youth fund and as rural youths we want to get our fair share of the amount.

“They tend to forget us, surely rural youths are a forgotten lot ,” said Rongoti

As a result of the skyrocketing levels of employment, some of the youths in the area focused their efforts in agricultural sector to curb the high rate of unemployment.

“The ministry takes long to address our situation and we need water for our projects. We have registered the need for supplementary water storages but no action has been taken,” he said.

Most of the families in Murehwa rely on agriculture for survival.

However the sector is facing challenges such as drought and less rain this year, the young people say their project are likely to collapse.

Alternative Business Alliance  Opportunities Manager, Israel Mabhoo,said that government should  make sure that rural youths have access to funds.

“The youth fund should be availed even at rural level. Government should also realise the feasibility of projects that are rural based,” he said.

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