Respect the electorate Mangoma urges fellow politicians

RENEWAL Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ) President, Elton Steers Mangoma has castigated politicians who seek publicity stunts so as  to make news  whilst  ignoring the electorate.

Anna Chibamu

This surfaced at a public meeting held in Gutu West recently.

Mangoma who is a former Cabinet minister in Zimbabwe’s inclusive government blasted politicians who have an insatiable appetite of making news whilst ignoring the desires of the electorate.

“It does not help being known by the international community yet the electorate in your constituency does not know you,” said Mangoma.

The former Energy minister said   his party will lure people at grassroots level in the fight against Zanu-PF’s 35 year rule.

“RDZ seeks to reach out to people who are in remote rural areas and all those  who have been taken advantage of and forgotten by the power bloc,” he said.

Mangoma further remarked the importance of people at grassroots level.

“No matter how popular a politician is, endorsement from the grassroots is imperative,” he said.

He added that RDZ is a relatively new party coming into the political ring with the view to elbow out the faction riddled Zanu-PF that has reduced Zimbabweans to a vending society and has aided the skyrocketing levels of unemployment, currently exceeding 80 percent.

Mangoma said his party’s entrance in national politics is hinged on the need   to offer reprieve to Zimbabweans.

He added that, RDZ unlike all the other parties will desists from the ‘remove Mugabe syndrome’

“We have over 30 registered political parties which are not known by the majority of people. Some parties just carry big names yet they don’t have members,” he said.

The RDZ president said the country has enough resources for all its citizens, but lacks proper management leading to the economic crunch.

“Our country is rich in resources but lacks leadership that is willing to ensure that every citizen benefits,” Mangoma said.

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